Sunday, April 25, 2010

Standing On the Tiny Ledge

taken from my old post

For years, I have given chase
For a love that stays
From a lover I can trustingly embrace
Who loves me in a thousand different ways.

With a character that conveys
That strength and kindness are in place
Together with love that never betrays.

Would it happen again now in this case
That you will end up as a lover who strays
Are you that genuine loving face
That will stand by me throughout my days


this is suicide
the scent i missed, blowing dust scattered around
the smile i missed, undefeated light
every inch of you is the air i breath

this is suicide
its safed! the 'you and i' part
its safed! the 'me adore you' part
should i sto

this is suicide
unhinged soul is urging
faith is still there
ready to take more pain
its painless though

this is suicide
standing still
keep alive
arguing and contemplating

this is suicide
crash and burn

this is suicide
Love never lie
and if it comes to an end
i'll be me