Sunday, January 2, 2011

Who's the One?

Who is the most important person in your life?

Your mom? Dad? Sister? Brother? Girlfriend/boyfriend? Your bestfriend?


Let say if your answer is your boyfriend or girlfriend.” Everyone leaves”, I read this from my friend’s twitter that taken from a TV serial quote. No matter they promise you that they’ll be with ‘til the end of of time, or forever, or whatever, they’ll leave, life or dead, they leave. They live you with a broken heart, sadness, again, whatever it is, they leave. For some period, you live with the pathetic feeling of being left, then you start to build your life again, find YOUR another happiness. Then, your boyfriend or girlfriend or even your wife or husband, is not in the first place in your life. You care of yourself most.

Sister? Brother? Your mom or dad? They are the most lovable creatures on earth, aren’t they? I don’t need to explain how they meant to our life. The most important is their happiness, especially the parents. Their happiness is ours. THEIR HAPPINESS IS OURS.

You may realize it or not, the most important person in our life, is our self. Yourself. We’re living in the journey of finding our own happiness. Even when you say your parents’ happiness is your priority. If they’re happy, you’re happy. See? You’re happy, if they’re happy. In the end of the sentence, there’s you. So be happy, by making your beloved people happy.