Sunday, January 2, 2011

Who's the One?

Who is the most important person in your life?

Your mom? Dad? Sister? Brother? Girlfriend/boyfriend? Your bestfriend?


Let say if your answer is your boyfriend or girlfriend.” Everyone leaves”, I read this from my friend’s twitter that taken from a TV serial quote. No matter they promise you that they’ll be with ‘til the end of of time, or forever, or whatever, they’ll leave, life or dead, they leave. They live you with a broken heart, sadness, again, whatever it is, they leave. For some period, you live with the pathetic feeling of being left, then you start to build your life again, find YOUR another happiness. Then, your boyfriend or girlfriend or even your wife or husband, is not in the first place in your life. You care of yourself most.

Sister? Brother? Your mom or dad? They are the most lovable creatures on earth, aren’t they? I don’t need to explain how they meant to our life. The most important is their happiness, especially the parents. Their happiness is ours. THEIR HAPPINESS IS OURS.

You may realize it or not, the most important person in our life, is our self. Yourself. We’re living in the journey of finding our own happiness. Even when you say your parents’ happiness is your priority. If they’re happy, you’re happy. See? You’re happy, if they’re happy. In the end of the sentence, there’s you. So be happy, by making your beloved people happy.

Friday, December 31, 2010

Summer Wasting

last thing i wrote in my last post was me about to went watch another dvd. Tetooott. failed. blame on me. this re-writing euphoria attacks! i got so much things to say and i have alot of old postings been kept for a long long period and many photos to share.

i got my itunes shuffled, it was Edith Piaf - La Vie en Rose played. then my thoughts travels back to summer of this year, i was in Europe. outrageous. i've no othere explanations. it just, AWESOMELY AWESOME. here some of my journeygraph :))





i'll step my feet there again, someday :)


I’m letting you go, 2010.

A day left until the new year. WOOWWWWWW. This have been a very very tough year for me. No, chill, I’m not gonna write a gloomy pathetic sad story of me. Well I may accidentally put some on this later, you may laugh on it.

This is my year! 2010 for GYNAECIA. Love, sucks. College, surviving. Europe, amazing. So I’m pretty much living in a rollercoaster ride. Do I regret this? Some of my words and acts, yes. For the entire story, not at all. This is another way of learning, becoming a better human, better person to deserve a better life on earth. Ya ya, gue nyoba sebijak mungkin napak tilas hidup gue setahun ini. Sulit sih, some of it bikin ngenes sih, but I’m looking forward for my life in next year.

A friend of mine, months ago, said this when I was grumbling about my life scene, “Gyna, I don’t want to be your sweet mouth friend. Shit happens. Now’s your turn to taste them, gross, but yes you have to so you know how to prevent yourself from another shit, or if the shit comes again, you know how to handle yourself in a better way, and you know life after shit-happening-period is heavenly sweet. So yes, eat that now, girl.” Nice friend huh?!

Jadi inget-inget lagi duluuuuu banget, masih di tahun 2010, hemm…waktu itu lagi sedih nestapi mau mati tapi ngga berani tapi hidup juga setengah sadar gitu, then, setelah nyoba nerimo, setelah akhirnya bisa ngomong “ yoweslah ya… sedih dulu gapapa deh” , sweet karma happened. Someone new was there (well not now), then I got a good mark on exam, and EUROPE. Splendid journey. I promise I’ll write my trip in another time,k?

Candy has more glucose after you taste espresso. Bahkan espresso yang pahitnya amit-amit punya kenikmatan sendiri. Kebanyakan manis-manis juga ngga bagus kan? Keenakan, lupa diri trus diabetes, mati deh. Imbangi dengan makanan berserat, buah-buahan dan olahrga serta gaya hidup sehat. Oke, gue mahasiswa kedokteran, nyeremoet dikit, maaf. Candy, for a great things happen after the sucky things, mentioned as espresso.
I’m not having my sweet moment now, but I know I will. That’s why I’m looking forward for 2011. I don’t mind what happened this year, I’ll keep it for me. I’m just more then ready for another life journey. Au revoir 2010 !

I think I need a cup of espresso, for tomorrow's ah tonite, later, New Year's Eve Party, well yes to keep me up alnite. Want some,pals? :)

Back on Track, Holiday on Crack

It’s been awhile. Months. Writing. Blogging. Attathing.


Not that I’m a routine writer, or a writer, or great in writing, tapi ya. Gue suka nulis. Hampir setahun then beberapa bulan lalu terakhir nge-post di sini. Itu juga karena G6 (yearite Gee six) that goes for Gyna Galau Gara-Gara Good Guy is Gone. Twat. Sekarang ceritanya lagi ngakalin otak supaya hasrat nulis ngga muncul karena lagi galau, bukan karena love thingy ya. Well then I’m here now babbling again, karena galau juga sih. No! bukan karena cicintaan ya. Blame to holiday and I’m one of useless creature on earth! I really have nothing to do! Darn !
I already knew that I’ll be a bored jobless and noisy during holiday. Sebagai prevensi, sebelum libur gue borong dvd sebanyak-banyaknya. Most of them are TV serials. Let me share them.

1. The Big Bang Theory
Gue belom lama mulai nonton ini. Ada kali ya 2 bulan, and I’m in love! Really. Ngga ada yang ganteng, ngga romantis, ngga banyak intrik. Sitkom pintar, mutlak. Tentang ilmuwan-ilmuwan gitu, nerdy, geeky. There are 5 main casts in the story.

- Sheldon , the smartest one, in his opinion. My favorite cast. Dengan tingkat intelejensia yang super minus kemampuan sosialisasi yang strickingly below anyone in this world whose bad at communication (lebay oyeah), he’s the man! Bazinga ! Super nyebelin, but that’s Sheldon.
- Leonard. Sheldon’s roommate. Second man of the story, also a physician, not as smart(ass) as Sheldon, better in communication comparing to Shel. In love with Penny (described later).
- Raj, foreign physician from India. He has akind of disability if I may say, that is, he barely CAN’T SPEAK TO WOMEN. Any kind of women. Except when he’s drunk.
- Howard, a jewish physician, lives with his mother, and oversensing-overneedy-of-sex. Yea. This not makes him like a Casanova, really. Creepy, crappy, yes.
- Penny. A blondie lives across Sheldon and Leonard’s apartment. Comparing the the boys, yes, she’s a dummy. This chick is whom Leonard’s been falling for in the whole story.
Yap, imagine this 4 overIQ level and a low level (jahat sih yah aha) girl shares some stories. Laugh to death though I don’t even understand some of the words they used. Bukan karena gue bego ya (denial), tapi serial ini segitu pniternya sampe Chuck Lorre & Bill Prady make konsultan science buat skenarionya, well yes I’m a dummy in science too by then. It’s a must to watch this serial.

2. Skins
Wild, London, good-looking Tony, drugs, good music, young, twatter, British (did I mention London before?), lot of sex scene. Period. Menarik sekali untuk ditonton saudara-saudara. Just don’t watch it while there are kids around you. TONY IS A HOTTIE.

3. Gossip Girl
Good looking creatures, high fashions, high lifestyles, intrigues, good music, interesting stories. Well, well, well. I bet you all already know the red line of this one. I LOVE YOU TIL DEATH, BLAIR WALDORF!
Good looking creatures, high fashions, high lifestyles, intrigues, good music, interesting stories. Well, well, well. I bet you all already know the red line of this one. I LOVE YOU TIL DEATH, BLAIR WALDORF!

4. Modern Family
A normal family ( dad + mom + 3 kids), an unusual normal family (a dad formerly known as rich grandpa + a hot Columbian second wife + a 10 yo kid), a gay couple ( dad + dad physically,mom inside + adopted daughter). Mom from normal fam and dad from gay couple are grandpa’s children. Modern , right? Funny though.

5. Vampire Diaries season 2
Belom ditonton. All I know I Damon Salvatore still the man! Mine!

6. Leverage
Rekomendasi sahabat gue, Ifad, belom ditonton. Bentar ya Fad :)

So I’m gonna grab another DVD and watch it and later on I’ll write again. Til then, ADIOS.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Standing On the Tiny Ledge

taken from my old post

For years, I have given chase
For a love that stays
From a lover I can trustingly embrace
Who loves me in a thousand different ways.

With a character that conveys
That strength and kindness are in place
Together with love that never betrays.

Would it happen again now in this case
That you will end up as a lover who strays
Are you that genuine loving face
That will stand by me throughout my days


this is suicide
the scent i missed, blowing dust scattered around
the smile i missed, undefeated light
every inch of you is the air i breath

this is suicide
its safed! the 'you and i' part
its safed! the 'me adore you' part
should i sto

this is suicide
unhinged soul is urging
faith is still there
ready to take more pain
its painless though

this is suicide
standing still
keep alive
arguing and contemplating

this is suicide
crash and burn

this is suicide
Love never lie
and if it comes to an end
i'll be me

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Heard that shoes clattering
Somewhere trushed on the medium of trust
Spoken of this flattered mind
This vision maybe hazardous

i'm flying as an object
Onto the sea of doubt
And i do
i'm a clown in a complexity

It seems delicate
How it mind interspersed between this grass way out
i need revelation

And after all,
In my circus mind
i was punctuated by philosophy.